It is now essential to be able to monitorl the activity otherwise than by the turnover of the sales points. In addition, Wi-Fi in store is a great tool for customer knowledge and gives you the opportunity to offer a unique digital experience.

Thanks to Ivizone solutions, you can:

       Evaluate the impact of a marketing/communication campain on your stores actractivity.

       Optimize retail operations (staffing, merchandising, heatmaps…)

       Benefit from a direct communication platform with your customers

o   Promotion

o   New Collection

o   Sales

o   Prize Competition

o   Fidelity Program

o   Survey

o   Push Application

       Retrieve qualified customer information and match them with CRM tools

       Set up an omnichannel strategy (emailing, retargeting…) and increase your customer fidelity rate.

Ivizone provides digital tools to enhance behavior, identification and engagement of visitors smarthphones on site.








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