Location Analytics

Introducing Ivizone Analytics, a unique set of tools that provides marketing and business intelligence about your customers in the physical world


  • Mesure the Visitor Rate

  • Measure the drive-to-store effect of a marketing campaign

  • Enhance Customer Experience

  • Optimize Staff Scheduling


      Our easy-to-use dashboard can be accessed remotely and displays the datas collected by our solutions in real time. This is a unique tool that helps your sales, marketing and merchandising to analyze and monitor the metrics below:

        • Visitors 
        • Passers-by
        • Visit Duration
        • New/Returning Visitors

        How does it work?

        We can passively collect numerous information from the Wifi technology by detecting smartphone signals that are close-y

        By listening to WIFI probes emitted by any WIFI enabled device we are able to detect the devices identifier called MAC Adress and we can calculate the length and strength of those signals. Based on these calculations, we can determine the precise location of every device carrier.

        The algorithms we use to determine your customer base is truly revolutionary.

         We use an encryption system to anonymize MAC Adresses called Hashing . Visitors have also the right to op-out by sending a request to privacy@ividata.com.

        Ivizone provides digital tools to enhance behavior, identification and engagement of visitors smarthphones on site.








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